Wednesday, December 07, 2022

"Miracle Workers: End Times" on TBS

The live-action comedy TV series "Miracle Workers: End Times" Season Four, is set in a 'post-apocalyptic' future, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni and Jon Bass, airing January 16, 2023 on TBS:

"...The first season follows 'Craig', a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity's prayers. 

"The second season is set during the 'Dark Ages' and is based on the short story 'Revolution'. 

"In Season 3 'Reverend Ezekiel Brown' leads his dying, famine-stricken town for a better life on the 'Oregon Trail', taking in notorious outlaw 'Benny the Teen' as trailmaster. 

"Season four takes place in a post-nuclear apocalyptic setting following a 'wasteland warrior' (Radcliffe) and ruthless warlord (Viswanathan) as they face the most dystopian nightmare of all: settling down in the suburbs. 

"Together they navigate the existential horrors of married life and small-town living, all under the dubious guidance of a wealthy junk trader (Buscemi). 

"Also starring Jon Bass as the couple's faithful war dog and Karan Soni as a 'kill-bot' who loves to party..."

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