Monday, December 12, 2022

Milena Smit: "Parallel Mothers"

Actress Milena Smit, co-star of writer, director Pedro Almodóvar's Spanish drama feature "Parallel Mothers", now streaming on Prime Video, poses for "L’Officiel Italia' magazine, wearing Saint Laurent, Cartier and a whole lot more, photographed by Ana Abril:

"... in 'Parallel Mothers', photographer 'Janis Martínez' does a photo shoot with renowned forensic archaeologist 'Arturo'. She asks him if his foundation will help excavate a mass grave in her home village, where her great-grandfather and other men from the village were killed and buried during the 'Spanish Civil War'. Arturo agrees to review the case with his foundation; he and 'Janis' then sleep together and Janis becomes pregnant. 

"She decides to keep the baby and raise it alone, against Arturo's wishes. Janis later shares a hospital room with 'Ana', a teen single mother; they give birth at the same time. 

"Janis and Ana stay in touch, keeping one another updated on their babies' progress. What Janis doesn't realize, is that their babies have been switched..."

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