Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Marvel’s “Iron Fist” on Disney+

The live-action Marvel TV/Netflix series "Iron Fist", Seasons One and Two, based on the Marvel Comics characters, follows 'Danny Rand' (Finn Jones), and his supernatural 'Iron Fist', now streaming on Disney +:

" Season 2, 'Danny Rand' moves in with his girlfriend 'Colleen Wing', living in her Chinatown, New York City dojo. At night he fights criminals on the streets using the magical power of the 'Iron Fist' and sees an increase in crime between gangs such as the 'Golden Tigers' and the 'Hatchets' following the destruction of the 'Hand' crime organization. 

Colleen finds a box bearing the 'kamon' (crest) of her family, who pushed her away years earlier. She begins investigating where the box may have come from, and comes to believe that furniture shop owner 'Frank Choi' may know of its origin. 

"But he goes missing when he is unable to pay the Golden Tigers for protection. Danny and 'Ward Meachum'—who runs Danny's company—meet with Ward's sister 'Joy', who asks for them to buy her out of the company.

"Danny agrees. Joy is working with 'Davos', who was raised with Danny in the mystical city of 'K'un-Lun'. Davos confronts Danny, revealing that he has discovered a way to take the Iron Fist from Danny. 

"Davos believes it is his birthright, but Danny refuses to give it up..."

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