Monday, December 19, 2022

"Indiana Jones" TV Series

The upcoming live-action "Indiana Jones" TV series is reportedly a prequel to "Raiders of the Lost Ark", following 'Abner Ravenwood', the father of 'Marion Ravenwood' and 
primary mentor of 'Henry Jones Jr'. aka 'Indiana Jones':

"...'Abner Ravenwood' spent his early adventuring years assisting 'Flinders Petrie', helping excavate in the Middle East, while earning degrees in history and archaeology at Yale and Harvard. He also studied anthropology under 'Franz Boas'.

"On one occasion, while discussing the subject with 'Sir Adrian Braidthwaite', Ravenwood accused the British of practicing 'armchair anthropology', theorizing on other cultures from the comfort of home, based on reports from braver individuals...

"An Egyptologist and archaeologist at the University of Chicago in the 1920's, Ravenwood was a mentor to 20-something 'Indiana Jones', whom he taught at the university. His lifelong obsession:  to find the 'Ark of the Covenant'..."

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