Sunday, December 11, 2022

"Heavy Metal Volume 2" - A New Era

"Heavy Metal", the illustrated sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine commemorates the start of its 46th year with a brand new "Volume 2", #1 issue, available February 22, 2023, featuring original stories by Joe Trohman, Brian Posehn, Matthew Medney, Didier Tarquin, Lyse Tarquin, Chris Anderson and Joe Harris, with art by Scott Koblish, German Ponce, Federico Pietrobon, the Tarquins, Santa Fung, Chris Anderson, and covers by Peach Momoko, Tehani Farr:

"...Whatnot Publishing is a collaboration between live streaming sales platform Whatnot, Inc. and Starburns Industries Press, who earlier this year bought 'Heavy Metal Magazine' and related titles. 

"And now the previously planned 'Heavy Metal Magazine' #321 is now 'Heavy Metal Volume 2 #1..."

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