Monday, December 05, 2022

"George and Tammy" on Showtime

"George and Tammy" is a new dramatic TV miniseries created by Abe Sylvia and directed by John Hillcoat, starring Jessica Chastain as country singer 'Tammy Wynette' and Michael Shannon as 'George Jones', now streaming on Showtime:

Cast also includes Steve Zahn as 'George Richey', Tim Blake Nelson as 'Roy Acuff', Kelly McCormack as 'Sheila Richey', Katy Mixon as 'Jan Smith',  Hendrix Yancey as 'Gwen', Walton Goggins as 'Earl Peanutt Montgomery', David Wilson Barnes as 'Billy Sherrill...

...John Teer as 'Harold Bradley', Joshua C. Allen as 'Lou Bradley'. Kate Arrington as 'Charlene Montgomery,' Pat Healy as 'Don Chapel'. Bobbie Eakes as 'Nan Smith', Abby Glover as 'Georgette Jones', Ian Lyons as 'Paul Richey', GiGi Erneta as 'Nancy Sepulvado' and Vivie Myrick as 'Donna Chapel'.

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