Sunday, December 18, 2022

DC's "G.C.P.D.: The Blue Wall"

DC Comics' "G.C.P.D.: The Blue Wall" #, available December 20, 2022, is written by John Ridley and illustrated by Stefano Raffaele, with covers by Reiko Murakami and Steve Epting:

"...a high-profile criminal operation is foiled by the 'Gotham City Police Department' and in the eyes of 'Commissioner Renee Montoya', there's only one suspect worth investigating: the murderous gangster known as 'Two-Face'. 

"But every report appears to show that 'Harvey' is back on the straight and narrow. 

"Is the duplicitous former villain once again leading a double life? Or are ghosts from Renee's past influencing her objective judgment? ..."

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