Friday, December 02, 2022

"BattleBots" - Sparks Fly and Robots Die

"BattleBots World Championship VII", featuring 50 teams from across the globe, will see "sparks fly and robots die" in the iconic "BattleBox" arena at 'Caesars Entertainment Studios' as teams vie for the sports top prize: "The Giant Nut", airing January 5, 2023, on the "Discovery Channel":

"...wielding ever more lethal weapons and upgraded hardware, this year's 'elite bots' will face their most grueling test as, for the first time, all teams will complete a predetermined four-fight qualifying season. 

"BattleBot's ever expanding, rabid fanbase can now look forward to more fights, more strategy, and more destruction.

"Tensions will soar as fan-favorites including 'Witch Doctor', 'SawBlaze', 'Hydra', 'Hypershock', 'Minotaur', past champion and current 'Golden Bolt' winner, 'End Game' and reigning 'World Champion Tantrum'...

"...take on the fiercest teams from Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South America, all slugging it out in a series of battles to the death..."

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