Thursday, November 10, 2022

"Scrooge: A Christmas Carol"

"Scrooge: A Christmas Carol" is a new animated feature, directed by Stephen Donnelly, starring Luke Evans ('Scrooge'), Olivia Colman ('Past'), Jessie Buckley ('Isabel Fezziwig'), Johnny Flynn ('Bob Cratchit') and Fra Fee ('Harry Huffam'), streaming December 2, 2022 on Netflix:

"...Charles Dickens’ ageless legend is reborn in this supernatural, time-traveling, musical adaptation of the definitive Christmas story. With his very soul on the line, Scrooge has but one Christmas Eve left to face his past and build a better future..."

"There are more than enough psychedelic, time-travelling and musical surprises to keep those familiar with the story on the edge of their seats", said director Donnelly about his new film.

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