Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“Marvel Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising“

“Marvel Midnight Suns”, by S. D. Perry, is a new prequel novel, now available, supporting the upcoming RPG developed by Firaxis, available December 2, 2022, starring Marvel superheroes 'Blade’, ‘Magik’, ‘Nico Minoru’ and ‘Ghost Rider’ who have joined forces to form the ‘Midnight Suns’:


“…trained by the ‘Caretaker’ at the ‘Abbey’,  a gothic fortress in a pocket dimension, where this brand-new team of supernatural heroes is the world's first line of defense against the demonic forces of the underworld. 

“With a looming prophecy of magical upheaval that threatens to unleash apocalyptic danger, the ‘Suns’ must learn to work together, and quickly. 

“But they aren't the only ones paying attention to the disruption of mystical forces. Taking advantage of the growing disorder, a mysterious group called the ‘Triumvirate’ has discovered the existence of a hidden relic that would give them control over ‘Mephisto’ and they will stop at nothing to exact revenge on their shared enemy…”

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