Friday, November 11, 2022

"GARCIA!" on HBO Max

Based on the graphic novel, the new 6-episode Spain-produced 
action-adventure spy series "GARCIA!" is now streaming on HBO Max:

".... based on the graphic novel by Santiago García and Luis Bustos, published by Astiberri Ediciones, the action-adventure spy series 'GARCIA!'...

"...follows 'Antonia' (Veki Velilla), a young reporter who quickly becomes embroiled in an elaborate political conspiracy after accidentally defrosting a cryogenically frozen secret agent from the 1960's.

"Now finding himself thrust into a fractured modern world, Garcia (Francisco Ortiz), a former pawn in Francisco Franco’s regime...

"...must rely on Antonia’s help to fit in – and decide where his loyalties lie amid a conspiracy to upend the Spanish government..."

Cast also includes Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Francisco Reyes, Nico Romero, Helio Pedregal, Mario Pardo, Miki Molina, Marina Gatell, Pepe Ocio and Silvia Abascal. 

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