Wednesday, November 09, 2022

“Fantastic Four” - Teaser Trailer

Marvel Comics new “Fantastic Four” title, debuting November 9, 2022 is written by Ryan North and illustrated by Cafu with covers by Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Adams, Iban Coello, Jack Kirby and Todd Nauck:

“…this first issue stars ‘Ben Grimm’ and ‘Alicia Masters’ as they embark on a road trip that takes a very weird turn. 

“Something terrible has happened to the ‘Fantastic Four’ and the ‘Thing’ and Alicia are traveling across America to leave it behind! 

“But when they stop in a small town for the night and wake up the morning before they arrived, they find themselves caught in a time loop that's been going on since before they were born…’

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