Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Disney Cruise Line: "Marvel Day At Sea"

" 2023, 'Disney Cruise' line guests will find themselves transported to a new realm of possibilities with 'Marvel Day at Sea', and joining the heroic ranks is the new 'Black Panther', along with 'Okoye', the fierce general of the 'Dora Milaje'":

"...'Marvel Day at Sea' combines the thrill of Marvel comics, film, and animation with the excitement you’ll find onboard a Disney Cruise. And now guests will have the chance to meet the new 'Wakanda' protector with an all-new heroic encounter.

"'Black Panther' will also appear in 'Heroes Unite', the event’s signature nighttime spectacular featuring special effects, stunts and pyrotechnics.  

"The event features all-day entertainment, including meet and greets, stage shows, special screenings, merchandise, food, beverage and activities for the whole family..."

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