Wednesday, November 30, 2022

"Dark Shadows: Reincarnation"

Writer/producer Mark B. Perry ("The Wonder Years") continues developing "Dark Shadows: Reincarnation" as a live-action episodic  TV series, continuing from the original 1966-1971 daytime Gothic horror soap opera "Dark Shadows":

"’Barnabas’, ‘Angelique’ and ‘Josette’ is the greatest Gothic horror triangle,“ said Perry, "and it’s such a great origin story, but it’s been told and I want to move on from that.”

“‘Dark Shadows’ was not a vampire show. It had a lead character that was a vampire, and he certainly became one of the biggest presences on the show, but there were ‘werewolves’ and ‘witches’ and ‘zombies’ and everything else. 

“I envisioned the show continuing that tradition of being a Gothic horror romance ensemble show where the door is open for any kind of literary references, characters or creatures. 

“‘Barnabas’ being the first vampire with a conscience, he let us see the human side of being a monster. I'm really intrigued by what makes monsters human and humans monsters…”

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