Thursday, November 24, 2022

Claire Danes: "Fleishman Is In Trouble"

Take a look at more footage from "Fleishman Is in Trouble", the new live-action TV miniseries, created by Taffy Brodesser-Akner based on her novel, starring Jesse Eisenberg as 'Toby Fleishman',  Lizzy Caplan as 'Libby', one of Toby's best friends and Claire Danes as 'Rachel', Toby's ex-wife, now streaming on FX on Hulu:

"....'Toby Fleishman', a recently divorced forty-something year old man, finds himself immersed in the world of app-based dating. But as he begins to find successes he never found in his youth, his ex-wife 'Rachel' disappears without a trace, leaving him with only his kids.

"As he balances looking after his children, a promotion at the hospital where he works, and all the women in Manhattan, he realizes that he'll never be able to figure out what happened to his wife...

"...until he can be more honest about what happened to their marriage in the first place..."

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