Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Will Sony Launch "ALF" ?

Sony continues developing the 1986 NBC TV series "ALF" (aka 'Alien Life Form') for a big screen feature combining live-action and CG animation:

Jordan Kerner, who adapted "The Smurfs" for the studio will produce the new film with "ALF" creator Paul Fusco (original voice/operator of the "Muppets"-like 'ALF' hand puppet)...

...and "ALF" original TV series producer Tom Patchett. Ben Haber and Kenneth Kaufman will executive produce.

The "ALF" TV series produced 102 episodes, followed by the 1996 TV movie, "Project ALF". 'Gordon Shumway', an 'ET' who looks like Gilbert Shelton's "Wonder Wart Hog", crash lands in the garage of the suburban, middle-class 'Tanner' family.  

ALF's home planet 'Melmac' exploded following a nuclear war, when he was off planet as part of the 'Melmac Orbit Guard'.

Covered in fur with a rippled snout, his heart is located in his head. He is sarcastic, slovenly and cynical, sometimes putting himself at risk of being discovered.

He eventually becomes a permanent member of the family, although his smart-ass attitude, culture shock, survivor guilt, general boredom, despair and loneliness, frequently cause difficulty for the Tanners.

In the TV series finale, ALF is about to be rescued by other survivors of his home planet but is instead captured by the US military.

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