Tuesday, October 11, 2022

‘She-Hulk” - Final Episode

Take a look at ‘The Abomination’ from the final episode of Marvel Studios live-action ‘legal comedy’ TV series “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law” now streaming on Disney+:

"...premise of the series sees 'Bruce Banner' help his cousin, Jennifer Walters’  when she needs an emergency blood transfusion. Guess what? She receives his powers too.

"Tatiana Maslany plays 'Jennifer', who is a lawyer specializing in superhuman-oriented legal cases. The character embarks on a journey that heralds back to her fan-favorite solo adventures of the past while embracing a fresh new future. Following her transformative time in the 'AVENGERS', She-Hulk is eager to put her rage-filled days behind her and return to practicing law in defense of the innocent.

“She's got a career to rebuild, friends to reconnect with (and maybe represent in a court of law) and enemies to...well, she may not want to connect with them, but they are going to connect with her. 

“And when a friend from her past comes knocking with a mystery she can’t resist, she’ll quickly be back…" 

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