Friday, October 28, 2022

"SEAL Team: Strange Bedfellows"

The next "SEAL Team" episode is titled "Strange Bedfellows" directed by Ruben Garcia, streaming October 30, 2022 on Paramount+:

" 'Strange Bedfellows', 'Bravo' team is called back to Syria to handle some unfinished business..."

"In the previous episode 'Watch Your 6', 'Sonny returns home to find a mess. He readies his gun and looks around. As he walks into his room, he sees 'Clay' on the bed. Clay is drunk and says that he figured he could use the house because Sonny was deployed and then visiting his kid. Sonny is worried and says that Clay has been avoiding everyone, something that he complains about and denies. 

"Sonny organizes a trip to the cabin for them both, and they start by having a great day ... until the rest of 'Bravo' team appears. 'Jason' meets with 'Mandy' and they're talking about their weekend they have planned, but Jason's mind is elsewhere and Mandy tells him to join the team on the trip for Clay. 

"He shows up and they all go on a treasure trail, but Clay is upset when he can't climb a hill, so Jason says they will go back to the cabin. 

"At a bar, 'Trent' tries to talk to a woman, but her boyfriend calls them out. Jason and Sonny try and diffuse the situation but Clay instigates a fight. 

" Back at the cabin, Jason calls him out for the behavior, saying that he expected that from Sonny, but not him. 'Ray' tells Jason he's leaving the team in four months and Jason is unimpressed that he told 'Davis' a story about their deployment because he thought 'Omar' was talking. Ray says that Jason needs to work on his paranoia. 

" While this is happening, Clay hobbles off into the night with a rifle. Jason goes after him and Clay says that his whole life he wanted to be the best to prove that he was better than his dad. Jason says that he made it, but there are somethings in life that change on a dime. They have a heart to heart and Clay declares that he's no longer a shooter, and that he's embracing his new life teaching the next generation of soldiers..."

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