Thursday, October 13, 2022

"SEAL Team: Phantom Pattern"

Take a look at the new Season Six "SEAL Team" episode "Phantom Pattern", directed by David Boreanaz, now streaming on Paramount +: 

"...'Bravo Team' is still deployed and everyone is struggling to keep it together. Enemies are around every corner. 

"A man appears and tries to tell them he turned on the bad guys after working with them. 

" That causes a division in the team because some people want to believe him, while things are not as clean cut. 

"'Jason makes a decision to use the man for his intel and he goes off on a mission that leads to the man's death. 'Omar' is frustrated because he knew it was a bad idea.

"'Clay tries to come to terms with with his new job, while 'Stella' relishes on what's coming for the family. Clay is happy about making some big changes, but he's also worried about what it means for his future. 

"Elsewhere, 'Davis' goes to lunch with her new boss, leading to a big debate about how approachable she is..."

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