Sunday, October 02, 2022

"SEAL Team: Growing Pains"

The new "SEAL Team" episode "Growing Pains", directed by Cherie Nowlan, sees 'Bravo' deployed to Northern Syria to track down those responsible for the attack on the 'U.S.S. Crampton', streaming October 2, 2022 on Paramount+:

"...'Jason' is furious when he learns 'Bravo Team' is staying intact with 'Omar' taking the place of the disabled 'Clay'. Jason is worried that Omar will figure out his 'TBI' and the 'PTSD' carried around by 'Sonny' and get them both removed from the team. 

"This changes how Jason approaches the mission. When they are there, they are forced to take Omar at his word and they help a group of women with prisoners. The women have a lot of enemies because they are fighting against other forces. 

" However, things take a dangerous turn when it emerges that Bravo team has inherited their enemies. This doesn't sit well with Jason, who believes Omar could cost them their lives. 

"Meanwhile,  Clay is struggling to stay at home and asks 'Stella' to have their son more, but she doesn't think it's viable when he will be switching back to more regular daycare soon. Clay is at a loss and asks to start 'Green Team' earlier. 'Command' doesn't want to do that, and Clay pleads. So, he gets to return to work much sooner, allowing him to get back into a routine..."

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