Friday, October 07, 2022

Natalie Portman: "Rouge Dior Forever"

Actress Natalie Portman ("Thor: Love and Thunder") introduces the 'transfer-proof' Dior lipstick "Rouge Dior Forever", with more than 21 new shades:

Portman first campaigned for Dior in 2013, when she starred in a short film, directed by Gordon von Steiner in Paris.

"The first time I probably wore makeup was when I was in 'Léon: The Professional'," said Portman.

"The makeup artist used all natural things — like beet juice mixed with rosewater for my lips and cheeks, because she didn’t want to put makeup on a kid.Using lipstick as a blush – it’s a great trick when you want a different color and fresh shine on your cheeks.

"In 'Star Wars', when they made the 'Kabuki' lip on me, I understood the aesthetic they were going for with the entire character from that lip.

"When I'm not working, I like to keep things simple and less-is-more. I use minimal coverage, apply a primer and try to wear more neutral tones because I want to allow my skin to breathe when it can...

"Ultimately, the best beauty routine is a good night’s sleep and plenty of water.... Rested, hydrated skin always looks best..."

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