Monday, October 31, 2022

"Dampyr"- Masters of the Night

Take a look at the Romanian-shot, $12 million budgeted horror feature "Dampyr", adapting the European comic book title, directed by Riccardo Chemello, starring Stuart Martin as 'Emil Kurjak', Frida Gustavasson as 'Tesla', David Morrisey as 'Gorka', Sebastian Croft as 'Yuri', Luke Roberts as 'Draka' and Wade Briggs as 'Harlan the Dampyr', now playing:

" the beginning, 'Emil Kurjak' (Martin), commander of a small squad of soldiers, sees the bombing of his wife and son during the 'Balkan Wars'.
"Then, in the village of 'Yorvolak', his men are massacred by the vampire pack of 'Master Gorka' (Morrisey).

"Once he realizes the existence of the 'Masters of the Night', he kills Gorka to avenge his comrades..."

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