Saturday, October 01, 2022

Cancel Culture: "Grendel"

According to reports, the New York City-based live-action TV series "Grendel", based on the Comico, 
Dark Horse comic book title by Matt Wagner, following a young man who becomes a feared and glorified 'anti-hero' killer, has been canceled at Netflix despite shooting an entire first season of 8 episodes:

"...'Hunter Rose', a killer and crimelord, goes to New York City to avenge the death of a lost love, goes to war with the underworld and realizes, why beat 'em when you can join 'em..."

Cast included Abubakr Ali in the title role, with Kevin Corrigan as 'Barry Palumbo', Julian Black Antelope as 'Argent', Emma Ho as 'Stacy Palumbo' and Andy Mientus as 'Larry Stohler'. 

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