Friday, October 28, 2022


"Cabo", the Spanish cime thriller, based on the 1985 Mexican telenovela "Tú o nadie", stars Bárbara de Regil and Matías Novoa, now available on Las Estrellas:

"...hours after the wedding of 'Sofía' and 'Alejandro', he leaves to attend to a business matter and dies in a plane crash. Devastated, Sofía travels to Cabo to meet her in-laws. When Sofía arrives, she is reunited with Alejandro, who is alive, and discovers that he is not the man she fell in love with. Alejandro reveals to her that his name is actually 'Eduardo' (Diego Amozurrutia) and that he changed it so that she would be legally married to his brother, who was the one who died in the accident, and so that together they can inherit his fortune. 

"Sofía refuses to go along with Eduardo's plans, who now threatens to put her father in jail because he has incriminated him of being responsible for the accident in which Alejandro died. 

"Everything takes another unexpected turn when the real Alejandro (Matías Novoa) returns home, unharmed from the accident and is surprised to have a wife he remembers nothing about..."

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