Friday, October 07, 2022

"Abominable and The Invisible City"

The new DreamWorks Animation 10-episode TV series "Abominable and The Invisible City", stars Alan Cumming, Chloe Bennet, Tenzing Trainor, Michelle Wong, 
Ethan Loh, Karen Huie and Darin De Paul, now streaming on Peacock and Hulu:

"... 'Abominable and The Invisible City' is a comedy adventure series that continues the wild and wooly fun of DreamWorks Animation’s 'Abominable'. Through 'Everest' the 'yeti', 'Yi', 'Jin' and 'Peng' know there’s a whole magical world out there, and now it’s even closer than they think! 

"When they discover their surroundings are teeming with magical creatures in need of help, the kids will set out on extraordinary and heartfelt adventures throughout their city and beyond.."

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