Friday, September 30, 2022

"Wonder Twins" Deactivated

Despite petitioning by fans, the prepping "Wonder Twins" live-action movie for DC Entertainment and HBO Max, starring KJ Apa and Isabel May as alien shapeshifters, written and directed by Adam Sztykiel, remains officially 'deactivated':

Apa ("Riverdale") was to play 'Zan' and Isabel May ("1883") as 'Jayna, who generate powers by touching hands with the spoken phrase
"Wonder Twin powers, activate!".

Following their animated debut in 1977, the characters would continue to appear in cartoon series "Super Friends', "The World’s Greatest Super Friends", "Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" plus a live-action appearance on The CW’s "Smallville", with 'Jayna' usually transformed into animals, while 'Zan' could change into water in any state, including solid, liquid, or gas. 

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