Thursday, September 29, 2022

“Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six"

Writer/producer Akiva Goldsman continues working on the long in development live action adaptation of "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" novel (1998) and subsequent tactical first-person shooter video games, for a Paramount feature, focusing on an international counter-terrorist unit, starring Ryan Reynolds ("Deadpool"):

"...'Rainbow' is an international counter-terrorism operation hosted by 'NATO' and funded by money funneled through the 'US Department of the Interior'.

"When Rainbow is called upon for help from another country's government to deal with a terrorist situation, usually only one of the two teams will be sent. 

"Both teams have an officer as team leader and a senior 'NCO' as second in command. Not including the team leader, each team is made up of ten men, with two snipers..."

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