Tuesday, September 27, 2022

"Fantasy Football"

The new family sports comedy, "Fantasy Football", directed by Anton Cropper, streams exclusively in North America, November 25, 2022 on Paramount+: 

"...everything changes when 'Callie A. Coleman' (Marsai Martin) discovers she can magically control her father, Bobby's (Omari Hardwick) performance on the football field.

"When Callie plays as her dad, a running back for the 'Atlanta Falcons', in EA Sports' "Madden NFL 23", Bobby is transformed from a fumblitis-plagued journeyman to a star running back bound for superstardom alongside his daughter and wife 'Keisha' (Kelly Rowland). 

"With the 'NFL Playoffs' looming and the pressures of Callie's new commitment to her friends on the robotics team, the two must forge ahead to keep the magic a secret as they juggle the highs and lows of their newfound success, as they rediscover what it means to be a family..." 

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