Wednesday, August 24, 2022

More Gaming in the Movies

There are many classic movies based on gaming themes, featuring exciting drama and fun scenarios highlighting the advantages and downsides of the gambling experience.

Watching movies based on gambling is a great chance to switch your traditional experience, searching for online slots real money for Canadian gamblers and to dive into the gambling world with a different perspective: 

"The Hustler"

“The Hustler” (1961) is an impressive gambling movie with billiards as its theme, where loyalty, ambition and integrity are cherished qualities. 

Although the film is not directly related to the gambling industry, it is a classic film with interesting options contemporary punters would enjoy watching. 

"The Cincinnati Kid"

Released in 1965 
this film follows players obsessed with Poker. Steve McQueen stars as the ‘Cincinnati Kid’ contributing to the movie’s popularity. 

Years later the film is still appreciated by passionate and devoted card players who love Poker and everything connected to it. 

"The Sting"

If you are convinced gambling is about stress, anxiety and tension, take time to watch "The Sting", released in 1973. Paul Newman and Robert Redford eventually beat the competition while teaching them a good lesson. 

Card games, horse racing bets and a range of other activities help achieve their goal. Watching how passionately they fight for victory is encouraging to most gamblers.

"The Gambler"

This feature (1974) following a player (James Caan) in danger of self-destruction is a must-see. 

The main character bets randomly, unable to stop, excited about the chase and the rush of winning while playing Roulette.

"California Split"

This 1974 feature follows two gambling buddies and how 
an amateur player takes first steps to befriend a guy obsessed with casino games. 

The interesting plot, exciting scenes and passionate gambling sequences make a long-lasting impression.

"Vegas Vacation" 

"Vegas Vacation" (1997) is a wild comedy feature following Chevy Chase, who 
wants to win a large jackpot...

...presenting the gambling industry from a different perspective, while reminding people to gamble responsibly.

"Lucky You"

“Lucky You, released in 2007, follows a superstar Poker player who had relationship issues with his father, who was also a Poker pro.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of films based on casino stories, this one emphasizes the hardships and issues players face. 

"Molly’s Game"

This casino-related movie (2017) is based on the true story of  ‘Molly Bloom’ a successful skier who became a high-stakes underground Poker player after an accident made her stop her career. 

Risky actions and pulse-pounding sequences are highlighted throughout this Aaron Sorkin film.

"Uncut Gems"

This 2019 crime thriller depicts a player (Adam Sandler), addicted to risk while slowly destroying himself by ruining his life making unrealistic bets. 

What is most interesting about this film is how players can sometimes wager everything in the pursuit of their gambling dreams.

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