Sunday, August 14, 2022

"Better Call Saul: Saul Gone" - Series Finale

The final episode of the "Better Call Saul" series is titled "Saul Gone", written and directed by executive producer Peter Gould, starring Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Rhea Seehorn, airing August 15, 2022 on AMC and AMC+:

" the previous episode 'Waterworks', in 2004, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 'Kim Wexler' finalizes her divorce with 'Jimmy McGill'/'Saul Goodman'. 

"Outside Saul's office, she has a conversation with 'Jesse Pinkman', a friend of Saul's latest client, 'Emilio Koyama'. Jesse notes Saul's shady advertising and asks whether he is a legitimate attorney. Kim replies he was when she knew him. 

"In 2010, Kim leads a quiet suburban lifestyle in Titusville, Florida, where she has a desk job at 'Palm Coast Sprinklers'. While at work, she receives a call from Jimmy, under an alias, checking in on her. Kim cautions him against calling her amid his fugitive status and tells him to turn himself in. Jimmy angrily refuses, challenging her to reveal the truth about the death of 'Howard Hamlin'. 

"Kim flies to Albuquerque and visits Cheryl, Hamlin's wife, to whom she gives a written confession detailing her and Jimmy's plot to character assassinate Howard, as well as the truth of his death. Kim says she submitted the affidavit to the district attorney but notes she might not face prosecution due to the lack of physical evidence or witnesses. That night, she has an emotional breakdown while riding the bus back to the airport. 

" In Omaha, Nebraska, Gene breaks into the home of 'Mr. Lingk', the latest target of his identity-theft scheme, and locates his financial records and account passwords while he is unconscious. Gene lingers around the house and steals a watch from the foyer. Lingk suddenly awakens and sits on the steps of the foyer. Gene contemplates bludgeoning Lingk with an urn containing his dog's ashes, but Lingk passes out again.

"Outside, Jeff panics when a police car idles behind him and crashes his taxi into a parked vehicle. The distraction allows Gene to escape while Jeff is arrested for the robbery. Gene receives a call from Jeff asking to be bailed out of custody. 

"Gene calls 'Marion' to ask her to accompany him, explaining that Nebraska does not require a bondsman to deliver bail. Having a family member present would be more compelling to the authorities. Marion, suspicious of Gene's legal knowledge, uses the computer Jeff bought for her using money from the department store heist and discovers him to be Saul Goodman from his commercials.

"When Gene arrives, he attempts to intimidate Marion into silence, but she manages to use her 'Life Alert' button to call the authorities, forcing him to flee..."

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