Wednesday, July 20, 2022

“The Ipcress File” on AMC+

Take a look at new images of actress Lucy Boynton, the star of TV series “The Ipcress File", directed by James Watkins, set in 1963, adapting the novel by Len Deighton, now streaming  on AMC+:

"...spy chief 'Major Dalby' gives small-time grifter 'Corporal Harry Palmer' a way out of 'Colchester Military Prison' by offering him a job as an intelligence officer in his small but influential Whitehall security unit.

"The unit's investigation into a missing British nuclear scientist expands into a case of international espionage which is documented in the contents of the 'IPCRESS File'. 

"'WOOC'(‘War Office Operational Communications') is a civilian department of the UK's intelligence community...

"...reporting directly to the 'Cabinet' and enjoys the fact that both 'MI5' and 'MI6' are envious of it..." 

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