Saturday, July 23, 2022

Netflix Educational Series for Students

People from all walks of life watch Netflix-produced shows. This includes movies, documentaries and television series. Several of these documentaries and television shows are also excellent choices for classroom viewing. Here is a list of the top 10 series for students to watch:

“Our Planet”

“Our Planet” is a revolutionary and open-minded educational web series. It is about the world's plants and animals, with David Attenborough as its narrator. 

It considers topics that other shows in this genre gloss over. The series features helpful insights on various species from grasslands to coastal locations and has been filmed in more than 50 countries. Students tend to get lazy and think about how to find someone who can do my assignment for me Canada. This is a common practice, and many students quite often turn to assignment services for help. However, there are issues that a study series on Netflix can help solve, because it is no longer just an entertainment service. 

“Chasing Coral”

“Chasing Coral is a series on Netflix for students in places like Canada. It's a film by Jeff Orlowski and results from three years' worth of laborious work. This includes 500+ hours of underwater filming in 30 different countries, with the help of more than 500 volunteers. The movie examines the diminishing coral reef population and the root reasons for such activity. The team's efforts did not stop with this film; instead, they continued and launched an effective campaign later. 


“The 13th Amendment” to the American Constitution served as the inspiration for Ava DuVernay's film “13th”, illustrating racial issues and urban violence. The documentary features testimonials from several advocates and academics about this subject and the factors contributing to the high concentration of African-American inmates. The documentary' message is clear. Also, worth watching and good for Canadian students on homework or colleg assignments related to the government. 

“Knock Down the House” 

A movie produced by Rachel Lears tells the personal stories of four women. They wanted to transform American politics and run for Congress in 2018. This educational documentary chronicles their radical battles and divisive campaigns. 

“The White Helmets”

This is a British movie that depicts the activities of a rescue and relief team in Turkey and Syria. Orlando von Einsiedel, the film's director, focuses on different activitiesincluding challenges faced by the Syrian Civil Defence, known as ‘The White Helmets’.

“Period. End of Sentence” 

Rayka Zehtabchi's documentary focuses on menstruation. A topic that should be on the list of essential topics but has gone unnoticed for a long time, particularly in the Indian setting. The story of the movie is set in rural India. Where taboos and stereotypes from earlier times still exist, people did not want to discuss them. In the movie, a group of women rebel and to make a difference create sanitary napkins at a reduced price so anyone can afford them. 


Floyd Russ' short film “Zion” is about ‘Zion Clark’ born without legs who has spent time in foster care. This is an inspirational tale of a young guy who, despite all the difficulties, wanted to succeed in wrestling.


This is a series by Vog Digs where a wide range of issues, from politics to music, have been explored, through interviews with subject-matter experts. It seeks to investigate civilizations, trends, and anything else occurring worldwide. It discusses how sound creates music, why women get paid less, and the global water situation that is worsening. Thanks to different assistance services, this is a well-researched series for young brains full of curiosity. 


The series "Abstract" by Mark Mothersbaugh explores design's role in our daily lives. It delves into several designers' sources. One of the inspirations who altered the environment and our way of viewing the world. It discussed Tinker Hatfield's life experiences and how they influenced his conception of the Air Jordan series and Es Devlin stage designs.

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