Monday, July 25, 2022

RIP David Warner

Actor David Warner who gave memorable performances in many films  including creepy characters in “Straw Dogs”  (1971) and “Time After Time” (1979) has died:

“…in ‘Straw Dogs’, ‘Henry Niles’ (Warner), a mentally deficient man hated by the entire town, is accused of having kidnapped a young girl. The local men chase him down and threaten to kill him, until he is sheltered in a house belonging to an American mathematician who 
moved into the area with his young local wife…

“…in ‘Time After Time’, set in 1893 London, popular writer ‘Herbert George Wells’ displays a time machine to his skeptical dinner guests. After he explains how it works, police constables arrive at the house searching for ‘Jack the Ripper’.  A bag with blood-stained gloves belonging to one of Herbert's friends, a surgeon named ‘John Leslie Stevenson’ (Warner) leads them to conclude that Stevenson might be the infamous killer. Wells races to his laboratory, but the time machine is gone…”

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