Friday, July 01, 2022

“Magnum PI” Lives

"Magnum P.I.", the action drama TV series, starring Jay Hernandez as 'Thomas Magnum', a private investigator, former 'Navy SEAL' who solves crimes in Hawaii, has been canceled by CBS after four seasons but now picked up by NBC for an additional two seasons:

"...'Thomas Magnum', a former 'Navy SEAL' turned private investigator occupies the guest house on 'Robin's Nest', the Hawaiian estate owned by famous author 'Robin Masters'. Also living on the estate are 'Juliet Higgins', a former 'MI6' agent assigned by Masters to protect the estate, as well as native Hawaiian 'Kumu Tuileta', who is the estate's cultural curator. 

"Juliet often assists Thomas with his cases, and becomes a full partner in the P.I. agency. Magnum is also frequently assisted by two former 'US Marines', 'Orville 'Rick' Wright' and 'Theodore 'T.C. Calvin'. Rick is now a bar owner, while T.C. is a pilot whose main business is running helicopter tours of the islands. Magnum tends to butt heads with 'HPD Detective Gordon Katsumoto', but the two also help each other when needed..."

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