Thursday, July 21, 2022

"Industry" on HBO Max

Season Two of the dramatic TV series "Industry", created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, follos a group of young graduates competing for a limited set of permanent positions at 'Pierpoint & Co', a prestigious investment bank in London, UK, streams August 1, 2022 on HBO Max: 

" Season One, graduates from all walks of life compete for Pierpoint's limited number of available full-time employment opportunities. Grads include 'Harper Stern', an upstate New York native who uproots her life in pursuit of success at Pierpoint's London branch, despite having lied about the university from which she graduated. 

"'Hari Dhar', is a state-school graduate and child of Hindi-speaking immigrants. 'Augustus Sackey', is a graduate of 'Eton' and'Oxford'. 'Robert Spearing' is a working-class 'Oxford' graduate who is eager to please but taken by surprise by the change in social mores concomitant with high finance. And 'Yasmin Kara-Hanani', is a privileged, well-connected child with an underachieving, drug-addled boyfriend..." 

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