Thursday, July 07, 2022

“Almythea”- Defy the Dark

A live-action film franchise, based on the "Almythea" books by A. J. Cootes, continues in development with cinematographer Bruce Logan ("Tron") attached to direct for Rio Vista Universal, Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide and Priscilla Presley:

"...for centuries, 'Almythea' has been ruled by the tyrannical alien overlord 'The Lost One' and his duplicitous, strangely seductive, sinister lieutenant, 'Raven Weaver'. The once peaceful planet, now enslaved, wastes away as it is mined and stripped of rare refractive crystals.

"When 'Little Hawk', a young warrior, confesses to a crime he didn't commit to protect 'Broken Arrows', the woman he secretly loves, he is exiled to the 'Badlands'. Formidable creatures force him to battle not only for his life but also against his inner demons. On the brink of death, Little Hawk encounters the mysterious and rebellious shaman, 'Grey Paw' – changing the course of Almythea's future.

"Grey Paw believes Little Hawk is the one who's prophesied to become the 'Astra' – a savior who will find an artifact that can break The Lost One's hold over them. Training together for the visually spectacular, high-speed, winner-takes-all, 'Astra Championship', Little Hawk is determined to win, gain the respect of his people and the hand of Broken Arrows, but to do that he will have to defeat the man his people have already chosen to become their champion, the self-serving, puppet-prince 'Gyeder'. If he fails, Little Hawk not only risks the freedom of his entire planet but also a destiny with Broken Arrows that was foretold millennia ago..."

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