Monday, June 13, 2022

“The Wild Bunch”

Warners continues development on a modernized version of director Sam Peckinpah's bloody, award-winning, Old West action feature "The Wild Bunch" (1969), following an aging outlaw gang as they look for one last score:

"...'Pike Bishop', leader of a gang of crusty outlaws, is seeking retirement with one final score: the robbery of a railroad office containing a cache of silver. But Pike is ambushed by his former partner, 'Deke Thornton', leading a posse of bounty hunters hired and deputized by the railroad. A bloody shootout kills several of the gang.

"Pike escapes with the only survivors, 'Dutch Engstrom', brothers 'Lyle' and T'ector Gorch', and 'Angel'.The loot from the robbery turns out to be a decoy: steel washers instead of silver coin. Glad to be alive, the men reunite with old-timer 'Freddie Sykes' and head for Mexico.

"Pike's men cross the Rio Grande to Angel's old village, dominated by 'General Mapache', a drunken, corrupt officer in the 'Mexican Federal Army', who is losing to the forces of revolutionary 'Pancho Villa'. 

"Angel spots 'Teresa', his former lover, in Mapache's arms...

"...and shoots her dead. To calm down Mapache, Pike makes a deal to steal a weapons shipment from a US Army train for Mapache. 

"Angel gives up his share of a gold payment in return for one crate of rifles and ammunition for a band of rebels.

"After Deke's posse chases Pike and his men to the Mexican border, Mapache learns from the mother of Teresa that Angel stole a crate of guns and ammo. 

"Surrounded by Mapache's army Angel is captured and tortured.

"Looking to do the right thing, Pike and his gang return to 'Agua Verde' to get back Angel. But Mapache kills Angel by cutting his throat.

"Pike and Engstrom angrily gun Mapache down in front of his men. 

"This results in a bloody shootout...

" which Pike and his men are killed...

"...along with most of Mapache's troops..."

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