Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Spicy City" - Enter 'Raven'

"Cool World" director Ralph Bakshi's 6-episode HBO animated science fiction TV series "Spicy City", is hosted by 'Raven' (Michelle Phillips):

In "Love Is a Download", a woman seeking escape from her abusive boyfriend finds true love in a virtual world in the guise of a 'geisha', while a one-armed former boxer tries to save her.

"Mano's Hands" follows a bongo player terrorizing civilians after losing his arms to the underworld.

In "Tears of a Clone" a detective on a search to find a rich man's daughter, returns with her 'clone' instead.

In "An Eye for an Eye" female cop 'Margo', known for her striking blue eyes and penchant for abusing power, plots to blackmail the near-sighted judge of 'Spicy City', while her partner 'Ernie' is determined to stop Margo once and for all.

In "Sex Drive", a female police detective, mistreated by her coworkers, teams up with a 'cyborg'.

In "Raven's Revenge", Raven is hounded by futuristic police forces for the crime of being born with a 'DNA' pattern that brands her a freak..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Spicy City"...

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