Friday, June 24, 2022

“Big Trouble in Little China” ?

While Disney contemplates a remake of writer, director John Carpenter's "Big Trouble In Little China", Sneak Peek Boom! Studios' sequel to the original film, "Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack" #5, written by Carpenter, with Anthony Burch, continuing the adventures of 'Jack Burton', illustrated by Jorge Corona and Rahzzah, now available:

"...'Jack Burton' and 'Lo Pan' are back on the road to San Francisco...

"...when they run into an old friend who may have changed beyond all recognition..."

"Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack" #1, now available is also from John Carpenter and Anthony Burch:

" is the story of old man 'Jack Burton' and his final ride in the 'Pork-Chop Express'.

"The year is 2020, and hell is literally on Earth. 'Ching Dai', sick of relying on screw-ups like 'Lo Pan' to do his bidding, has broken the barriers between Earth and the infinite hells, while declaring himself the ruler of all.

"Jack Burton is alone in a tiny corner of Florida with only his broken radio to talk to, until one day it manages to pick up a message. Someone is out there in the 'hellscape' and they know a way to stop Ching Dai..."

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