Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"Thin Blue Line"

"Thin Blue Line". available June 2022, is the new limited edition graphic novel by Eisner Award winner, writer Mike Baron ("Nexus") and illustrators Joseph Arnold, Jeff Slemons, with covers by Butch Guice and Sergio Cariello, depicting the Summer of 2020, when the world watched in horror as raging mobs and political activists burned cities across America, killing people and destroying communities, with indifference by local government, who remain unaccountable to this day:

" the middle of a long hot summer, a cop kills a man and the incident makes the national news, with the support of a biased media. As cities across the country quickly erupt into violence, well-organized activist groups mix in with opportunists and provocateurs who begin to riot, loot, burn -- and kill. 

"Police officers 'Valeria Baca', a single mother and her partner 'Bob Mack', attempt to protect a city mayor while 'peaceful protestor' mobs loot businesses and burn down buildings, forcing the officers to improvise on the run...

"...relying only on their training and wits as the mayor's eagerness to placate the rioters proves useless, in an unblinking look at human fallibility, in a nation gone mad..."  

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