Thursday, May 12, 2022

Chris Pine: “Doula”

The new comedy feature “Doula”, directed by Cheryl Nichols, stars  Troian Bellisario, Will Greenberg, Arron Shiver and Chris Pine, releasing June 28, 2022:

“After dating for a matter of months, thirty-somethings ‘Deb’  (Bellisario) and ‘Silvio’ (Shiver) are expecting their first child. But when their elderly midwife, ‘Penka’, passes away suddenly, Silvio makes the hasty decision to hire Penka’s son, ‘Sascha’ (Greenberg) as their live in ‘doula’. 

“Deb is nonplussed, as Silvio didn’t consult her before hiring, but before long, Sascha’s unconventional style wins her over. As Deb and Sascha grow closer, and the pregnancy nears its inevitable conclusion, Silvio starts to feel like the odd man out. His continued efforts to exert control over the pregnancy lead to a blow-up fight in which he forces Deb to choose between him and Sascha…”

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