Monday, April 11, 2022

"That Dirty Black Bag" on AMC+

"That Dirty Black Bag" is a new 'spaghetti western' TV series, starring Dominic Cooper, now streaming on AMC+:

"...the 8-day clash between 'Arthur McCoy', an incorruptible sheriff with a troubled past and 'Red Bill', an infamous, solitary bounty hunter comes to a head in a brutal, wild west world full of bounty hunters, bandits and bloody vendettas, where nobody is invincible and  predators become prey..." 

Cast also includes Douglas Booth, Niv Sultan, Guido Caprino, Christian Cooke, Rose Williams, Paterson Joseph, Zoe Boyle, Ivan Shaw, Eugene Brave Rock, Daniel Caltagirone and Benjamin Stender. 

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