Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"Streets of Rage" Live-Action

Following the success of "Sonic The Hedgehog", games publisher SEGA is developing a live-action feature film and TV series produced  scripted by Derek Kolstad, based on the side-scrolling "Streets of Rage" games title following ex-police officers who try to rid a big city of government corruption:

"...a peaceful and prosperous city has fallen into the hands of a crime syndicate led by 'Mr. X', infiltrating the city's government, where anyone can be bought if the price is right, including the police, as crime rises rapidly and no one is safe walking the streets, day or night. 

"Three police officers, 'Adam Hunter', 'Axel Stone' and 'Blaze Fielding', repeatedly try to make a task force to counter and resist the syndicate, but with their superiors compromised nothing is done. 

"Finally, Adam, Axel, and Blaze take matters into their own hands, resigning from the police force and take to the streets as vigilantes, willing to risk it all..."

"Streets of Rage" was originally published in 1991 for SEGA's "Genesis", turning out three sequels including the most recent 'Streets of Rage 4"(2020).

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