Friday, April 15, 2022

“Memetic” on the Big Screen

Point Grey and Boom! Studios continue developing a big screen adaptation of the 3-issue apocalyptic horror comic book series "Memetic" (2014), created by writer James Tynion IV and illustrator Eryk Donovan, to be scripted by Mattson Tomlin ("The Batman"):

" 7:04 am on 'Day One', an image of a 'Good Time Sloth' against a spiral background appears on the Internet and instantly becomes a viral sensation 'meme'.

"Viewers of the image claim that seeing the image it makes them feel amazing and tingle with happiness, and they have difficulty looking away.

"Meanwhile, 'Marcus Shaw', a blind war veteran, becomes troubled by the sloth image when his friend 'Richie' becomes obsessed with it. He contacts 'Barbara Xiang', an old friend and the author of an essay about 'weaponized memetics', who isn't sure what to think of the situation, but notices that those who view the image feel compelled to spread it to others.

"On the night of 'Day One' it is discovered that twelve hours after exposure to the meme, one begins screaming and becomes violent. These so-called 'screamers' bleed from their eyes and attempt to kill anyone around them who is not screaming..."

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