Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Marvel’s “The Illuminati”

With a reference in the new “Doctor Strange” movie, Marvel Studios will develop a live-action adaptation of Marvel Comics "The Illuminati", debuting in "New Avengers" #7 (July 2005) as a covert crime-fighting 'think-tank' originally staffed by 'Mister Fantastic', 'Iron Man', 'Professor X', 'Doctor Strange', 'Black Bolt' and 'Namor':

"...'The Illuminati' met in secret, sharing information and strategy, operating relatively successfully...

"...despite their unique traits and considerable differences every way.

"'Namor' was king of the highly advanced underwater civilization of 'Atlantis', as well as a powerful mutant; 'Doctor Strange' was the 'Sorcerer Supreme of Earth', representing mystics and outsider heroes...

"...Reed Richards' was the leader of the well-respected 'Fantastic Four', as well as one of the world's foremost scientists and a superhuman.

"'Black Panther' was king of the technologically advanced African nation of 'Wakanda' and 'Professor Xavier' was the leader of the mutant superhero 'X-Men', a preeminent figure in the mutant community, and a world-class telepath. 

"'Black Bolt' was king of the superhuman 'Inhumans' and was himself one of the Earth's most powerful superhumans; and finally, 'Tony Stark' was the leader of the 'Avengers' as 'Iron Man', also one of the world's greatest minds..."

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