Sunday, April 10, 2022

Marvel Launching “Ultraman”

Take a look at new footage from Season Two of the animated Netflix TV series “Ultraman” on the news that Marvel Entertainment and Tsuburaya Productions will introduce new chapters for the 'Ultraman Multiverse', with comic books and graphic novels to be developed for feature film projects:

"...debuting in 1966, the 20,000 year old 'Ultraman' alien is aproximately 130 feet tall, weighing 35,000 tons, with a flight speed of 'Mach 5. His birthplace is 'Nebula M78', aka 'Land of Light'.

"Visting the Earth after chasing the 'Space Monster Bemular', he protected the Earth against monster and alien threats. Aside from his main attack weapon, the 'Specium Ray', he also possess a number of fighting techniques. Despite his strength, he is friendly to non-hostiles. His human form on Earth is 'Shin Hayata' of the 'Science Special Search-Party' and is a member of the 'Ultra Brothers'..."

"As one of the world's most popular franchises, 'Ultraman' has brought together some of the most passionate fandoms in pop culture today," said Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski. 

"Like Marvel, 'Ultraman' captivated generations by telling spectacular stories grounded in the real world, and it continues to be a beloved classic through its television shows, movies, toys, games, comics and a whole lot more..."

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