Tuesday, April 12, 2022

“Loki” TV Series Is Most Watched

According to reports, Marvel Studios' “Loki” TV series, based on the Marvel Comics “Thor” anti-hero by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby,  is officially ranked as the most watched ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ series on streaming service Disney+:

“… ‘Loki’, clocked in at 5.23 billion minutes watched on Disney+ with ‘WandaVision’ coming in second place at 4.8 billion minutes watched. 

“‘ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ …

“…and ‘Hawkeye’ …

“…came in at third and fourth place with 4.15 billion minutes watched and 3.45 billion minutes watched.

“‘ The Mandalorian’ remained king of the streaming service with the ‘Star Wars’ series clocking in at 14.5 billion minutes watched combining both seasons. 

To date, “Loki” is the only live-action Marvel Studios, Disney+ series that has been picked up for a second season.

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