Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Gal Gadot has “Glamour”

Sneak Peek more images of "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot, posing for "Glamour"(UK) magazine:

"Before I got 'Wonder Woman, I was thinking about never coming back to Los Angeles, " said Gadot.

"Just stay in Israel, work as an actress here and there, go back to university and do something else.

"You go to the audition and you have a callback, then another callback and then a camera set-up, and people are telling you your life will change if you get this part. And then you don't get it.

"I reached a place where I didn’t want to do that anymore. My husband has a lot of work in Tel Aviv, and we had a daughter, so taking them to LA to fish for work put a lot of pressure on me. I was like, 'Why am I doing this?'

"Hearing 'no', over and over, I was thinking, 'What am I good for?' 

"And that’s when I got 'Wonder Woman'..."

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