Thursday, April 28, 2022

'Dracula Sucks in "Renfield"

Take a look at actor Nicolas Cage as 'Dracula', as well as a new action figure, in director Chris McKay's Universal Pictures horror comedy feature "Renfield":

" Stoker's original story 'R.M. Renfield', age 59, is a residen patient in the asylum of 'Dr. John Seward', and is the only patient...
"...diagnosed as a 'zoophagous maniac' or carnivorous madman, ingesting insects and spiders, believing their life-force will prolong his years. 

"When subdued he shows the strength of a tiger, more a wild beast than human. He is also quite crafty and displays a superior intellect when he is not in a melancholy state or a fit of rage.

"In the end 'Dracula' kills Renfield for his 'betrayal'..."

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