Thursday, April 14, 2022

"Crimes of the Future" - More Footage

"Crimes of the Future" is the new internationally co-produced horror feature, written and directed by David Cronenberg, opening May 25,  2022:

" a not-so-distant future, when humankind is learning to adapt to its synthetic surroundings, their biological makeup has changed, with many humans having adapted to life with 'Accelerated Evolution Syndrome' thanks to specialized equipment that aids in everything from eating to sleeping. 

"Beloved  performance artist 'Saul Tenser' sleeps in a womb-like bed suspended in mid-air. The 'OrchidBed', as it’s called, comes complete with software to anticipate and adjust his every bodily need. The machine even detects the growth of new organs, which Saul’s creative partner 'Caprice' can observe and tattoo in his personal operating theater. 

"Together, Saul and Caprice ghoulishy turn the discovery and removal of these new body organs into performance art, via sold-out voyeuristic surgical shows using a sarcophagus-like machine where the surgeries take place. 

"These human evolutionary changes do not receive universal positivity. Before long, a new secret government entity is established — the 'National Organ Registry', led by bureaucrats 'Wippet' and 'Timlin' — to discreetly track new organ growths, with particular enthusiasm for Saul’s artistic anomalies..." 

Cast includes Viggo Mortensen as 'Saul Tenser', Léa Seydoux as 'Caprice', Kristen Stewart as 'Timlin', Scott Speedman as 'Lang Daughtery', with Welket Bungué, Don McKellar, Lihi Kornowski, Tanaya Beatty, Yorgos Karamihos, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos and Nadia Litz. 

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